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We are a relatively new but growing technology start-up. Our Company has a sturdy base of a team of around 50 people and we are growing.

At Elliot Equine, our team is constantly working on bringing out new and innovative products. Our Co-Founder and Chairman of the Company has a good reputation worldwide and has worked with leading names like Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google. We are looking for people fluent in English to work with us. As a job seeker, you’ll want to know about the company culture, positions being offered, and the opportunities that lay ahead. That’s why we’ve written a second job description with more, smaller sentences, rather than one long paragraph.

Our goal with these attention-grabbing descriptions is to grab a job seeker’s attention and guide them to the end of this information. In fact, switching the order of information is a great way to keep a job seeker interested in your advertisement.

Instead of listing the job first, then the features, then the benefits, list the benefits, then the features, then the job. What’s your end goal? Sometimes, the end goal of your advertisement isn’t just to advertise for your company. Sometimes, your job is to market for a bigger entity, like a charity or organization, and that is your end goal.

Since you probably don’t want to use a generic job description, we recommend customizing your job description to fit the main entity you’re marketing. So, answer this question: How will your advertisement appeal to a larger entity? If you’re advertising for a charity, you certainly want people to donate to your cause, but you’re also marketing for yourself as a trustworthy, sincere, and honest voice. For businesses, that might be to get your name out there. Other reasons include gaining more exposure, sharing your unique brand values, and advancing the creations you’re part of. Bringing it all together Now that you’ve got a better understanding of why you should use a customized job description and how to write one, it’s time to put it into action.

First, identify what kind of job you’re looking to fill. Is it a technical role? An executive role? An office-based role? A financial role? A support role? A creative role? Now, take this job type and identify which type of job description might appeal to that role best

This site was really built with you in mind and we hope you will find it useful.

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