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Feel free to call for a no-obligation quote, but please be aware we'll require the information requested in our quote form and won't be able to provide anything more than a rough estimate (if that) right off the bat (and if that's the case, why not just fill out the form so that we can get back to you sooner, and in writing?).

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Please understand that horse hauling is an unpredictable business. Timelines can not be guaranteed due to weather, horses being difficult to load, drivers needing food, fuel, sleep, or a rest room. Also the truck needs to stop so horses can have water, re-filled hay bags, and rest their legs, or the trailer cleaned out so they don't get ill. Paperwork isn't always completed properly by veterinarians and border crossings can be unpredictable due to the nature of the government restrictions and requirements.

This isn't an easy job and requires a special person to keep it all together. We understand that everyone would like to have their new horse Yesterday, but in the interest of safety for everyone involved. We ask for patience and understanding. Delays are inevitable, we do our very best to ensure that your horse arrives safe and sound, well fed, watered, healthy, and happy.

These horses travel sometimes thousands of miles, and the drivers double that to go get them and bring them to their new homes. We can seem short in our conversations but chances are we are extremely busy fielding many calls from many people wanting to know if the horse arrived safely or when it will be there, or how it's making out during its journey. Or contacting veterinarians to get papers fixed, or mechanics to repair the truck etc. We do our best to keep everyone informed, however some times there is only one person handling all that plus all the driving and horse related chores and it occasionally becomes difficult to maintain our composure while people are insisting on being updated more frequently than the basics.

We are happy to update you:

  • When we should be arriving to load. (This is variable, however we can generally provide a one hour heads up and then a 10 minutes heads up)
  • When we have picked up your horse.
  • Once we have successfully crossed the border, or require more information from you/your vet to do so.
  • Infrequent updates along the way to let you know if your horse is travelling well, or needs assistance or a layover.
  • And another hour heads up phone call or text to let you know when we will be there to unload. Occasionally this will be late at night; if the weather is really hot, we also do more driving at night and more resting of the horses during the heat of the day.

Here are some tips to ensure you have a great experience hauling with us:

  • Ensure your horse is halter Broke (this means respecting the halter in all directions (left, right, forwards, and most importantly if you have booked a single stall... Backwards).
  • Train your horse to stand tied
  • Send a proper nylon halter in decent condition that Fits.
  • If you are only purchasing a single stall space, train your horse to stand tied in a small area with a few inches clearance on the sides and back.
  • Have your paperwork completed and ready to go! Make sure you have the Correct stamped paperwork for border crossing. The instructions for this can be found on the page marked "The Border".
  • Do not plan to get a quote and have your horse across the country in the next week or two. Other people have horses likely already in transit and your horse will be transported as soon as possible. We can give you a planned timeframe on the next trip to your area, however due to inclement weather (IE: tornados, heavy winds, icy roads, winter storms), or horse emergencies, and well being this timeframe can change or vary.
  • If you need your horse across the country tomorrow. Buy it a plane ticket. Trucks do not fly, and there are rules and regulations on how many hours a person can drive in a day, plus fit in horsey chores.
  • Horses must be fit to travel, this means healthy, well fed, feet in good shape.

We care about the horses, we won't haul them if the trip will be detrimental to their health. Or if they will be unsafe for themselves, our drivers, or the other passenger horses beside them.

c. 903-421-4860